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Since 1999, CareerNet Group is driven by founders’ passion to deliver unmatched value to clients through innovative solutions. Innovation backed by process and technology has been the backbone of the group; be it in establishing the practice of social recruitment even before the term social network was coined, or in building campus specific recruitment process management platform, the first of its kind in the world. We are determined to consistently deliver ahead of our clients’ requirements.

Future of Jobs

Once upon a time in the paleolithic age, six cave men went to hunt down the mammoth so that the tribe could eat, other three discovered fire, four of them discovered sounds and invented some words, and the rest faced the cave wall waiting forever until they were killed by the iron age men.

Well, standing at the cusp of fourth Industrial revolution 4.0, we are going to witness the same dramatic shift in the way humans live and work. The only difference is that it is not going to happen over 2.5 million years but possibly over the next few decades.

Thick and thin, long and short, theories have come in all forms, anticipating the probable future of jobs. We decided to keep aside the debate for more “serious” time. As for now, we put on time turner cap to bring you 12 out of the world, still not too far, job roles of future!

You never know what may inspire the entrepreneurial or the empirical hunter/huntress inside you or your children.
Enjoy the ride!

This decade will witness a major technology driven disruption in jobs and talent landscape. Some job roles will require major re-skilling and some other will become obsolete while a whole new set of job roles will emerge.

To make sense of this disruption through structured research, CareerNet Group in association with FactorDaily has launched an initiative called ‘The Future of Jobs in India’. As part of the kick-off, we are organizing an Event with participation from industry leaders across sectors on 21st of November, 2016.